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Weekly 20

May 16, 2015

In short: iojs is joining (new) Node, Elon Musk gives interview, video-selfies with flying lily, and all you need is PostCSS.

iojs is joining the Node Foundation

tldr: nothing bad happened, everybody wins.


I have not been prepared for this. I didn’t know what happened, that’s why I felt myself very insecure. Though I believe that core iojs contributors will not harm iojs in any way, I feel necessity to understand clear what just happened. That’s why I wrote separate article about it. iojs is joining the Node Foundation. What does it mean?



Rise of the Compilers

Last month Brendan Eich had a great talk named "ECMAScript Harmony: Rise of the Compilers". It was awesome talk about history and future of JavaScript. And yep, Brendan Eich jokes very well (about js, twitter and C++). Also talk is not only about BabelJS.

Build for replace, not for reuse

Actually, I don’t know who is Stefan Tilkov — next talk’s author. But he definitely knows, what he is talking about. For me it was very useful to view from a different perspective on system architects. In this talk, Stefan looked at concepts for turning a single system into a system of systems, and discuss the architectural und organizational challenges that arise.

I strongly recommend this talk to everyone who build something huge inside his company. By the way, this talk is not tedious, because Stefan has great sense of humour and has opinions about Java, JavaScript and development flow.

PostCSS the Future after Sass and Less

Andrey Sitnik talked about ideas behind Autoprefixr, PostCSS. Also Sitnik answered why you already can use incredible fast PostCSS instead of old Sass and Less. Simplicity and modularity ftw!

All About That JavaScript,
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