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About me

Hi 👏

My name is Vladimir Starkov and I am an experienced Frontend Engineer.

I know how to build JavaScript library (with a decent API surface) from scratch with top notch developer experience tailored for the team or a company, without forgetting best practices and processes around code quality.

I also know how to build a complex yet scalable web application from scratch using industry accepted tech stack: nodejs, react, redux, react-router, react-loadable and etc. Needless to say I can setup all the required tooling for it too (webpack, babel, etc). I know how all of this tech and CSS work under the hood.

Last but not least, I am no stranger to educating people: talks, mentorship, and courses. I've been there, done that.

Few projects of mine are getbem.com—about BEM, which was one of the best CSS methodologies at the time and BlackBox which offered a safe and secure way to leak documents about government level corruption in Russian Federation

On the other note in my spare time I love to listen to music, hike and watch dystopian sci-fi movies and tv series.

Check my profiles on Twitter, GitHub, npm and LinkedIn or my talks. Write me a letter on iamstarkov@gmail.com.


iamstarkov.com is built with Next.js, have been open sourced and hosted on Now by Zeit.

It is an experiment on blog format and modern web, tools, typography and minimalism. I started with minimum viable blog and since then gradually transforming it in my ideal blog.

Thank you for reading this,
your Vladimir Starkov