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November 10, 2018

Free MIT UX course, disenchantment, react-testing-library and more.



  • "On Code Reviews" by Nick Schrock (@schrockn)
    is an interesting article, which declares a list of rules to guide you through your future code reviews.

  • "12 Factor CLI Apps" by Jeff Dickey (@jdxcode)
    Jeff is a CLI developer at Heroku. Heroku invented 12 factor apps, which is an incredibly good guideline on building reliable, scalable apps. In this particular article Jeff drafted similar guide but for CLI apps. I don't agree with all of the points he made, but with most of them i do. If you do CLI apps (as i do), this article can shed some light on how your CLI app can be better.

  • "Atom understands your code better than ever before"
    This article shares how GitHub built "Tree-sitter"—parser generator tool and an incremental parsing library; and how it allowed them to introduce new features, improve existing ones and increase the performance of syntax highlighting.



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