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Gmail setup

May 12, 2015

I discovered that gmail is not very friendly by default. Gmail mark message as "read" only after 3 seconds, you cannot use it from keyboard and it have no preview for emails. But slow and abandoned gmail chat is turned on. Good try, gmail!

My gmail look like this and have hotkeys:

usual gmail

These 6 steps made you gmail a bit better:

  • Disable "gmail" tabs:
    gmail tabs
  • Enable keyboard shortcuts:
    gmail hotkeys
  • Enable "Preview pane" and "undo send" labs:
    gmail labs
  • Active preview pane:
    preview pane
  • Enable instant reading:
  • Nobody use gmail chat. Disable chat:

Great, I’ve got friendly and efficient gmail in one minute.

Use hotkeys, even in gmail,
your Vladimir Starkov