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Browser extensions to make GitHub better

April 20, 2017

"Github: Yes, we code"
We usually spend a lot of time reading and surfing others open source project on GitHub. It turned out, this process can be much better. Here is a short list of most useful extensions you might be interested in.


Navigate through projects on GitHub.com efficiently

"OctoLinker demo"

Basically jump to npm package or filename through import/require statements.

hide files

Hide dotfiles from the file browser

"hide files demo"

In my personal project i do have 7 dotfiles on one actual index.js. And those files are usually the same, so its not very useful to see them every time.

refined github

Chrome extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features

It's like reddit enhancement suite, but for github. Check it out.


Usually, when you need to investigate project's dependecies, you have to look through package.json and octolinker can probably help with that, but there is a better option. npmhub allows you to see list of all dependencies and devDependencies used in the project. You will find that list below the README.

"npmhub demo"

other extensions

Hold on. Thats not all extensions available, rather ones i found most useful. Here is curated awesome list for all other extenstions https://stefanbuck.com/awesome-browser-extensions-for-github

GitHub, place where i fork.
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