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Atom One Light theme for iTerm2

July 30, 2015

look and feel
Atom One Light theme for iTerm2 look and feel

Long time ago, when I used sublime text, I switched from dark theme to light one. And it feeels good. Last year most of the time I’m using Atom editor. Atom has awesome Atom One Light theme. All my prev attempts to find light theme for my terminal were fails, because light terminal themes looks ugly or unreadable. But Atom One Light looks good, right?

Black terminal and atom light one in editor

Apparently in one rainy morning, I found that iTerm2 can pickup colors for your terminal theme with a pipe. You already got it, right?

iTerm2 and Atom editor with Atom One Light theme

Then I discovered the way to share my new light theme with community via iterm2colorschemes.com. So you can find it there in the list and use light terminal too:

Come to the light side, we have friendly terminals,
your Vladimir Starkov