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40 week report

October 4, 2015


get-tweets 2.0, generator-travis 1.0, some java coding, minor geo tags on index page on jsunderhood.ru, water on mars, tesla x, menubar with text, roadmap for jsunderhood, kinda roadmap for generator-travis

28 september, monday

  • 3 commits to jsunderhood

29 september, tuesday

  • merged fixes to Frontender Magazine article
  • merge pull-request from kinday to fix long url

30 september, wednesday

learned in the office:

  • some java and even managed to wrote tests for my code
  • about OECD

1 october, thursday

2 october, friday

  • implement geo-tags on index-page on jsunderhood
  • wrote draft for this weekly report

4 october, sunday



  • avoid distractions, like IM or social media (just quit from apps or log out)
  • avoid appointments in the middle of the day
  • plan work for next day in advance
  • introspective is actually good thing, will keep doing it

In reporting we trust,
Your introspective Vladimir Starkov