Vladimir Starkov's Resume

In my spare time I love to code sites and work on my own projects, also I write blog.

I have skills to create sites and user interfaces. Know how to do everything about HTML+CSS. My JavaScript is rather good too. I am active opensource participator on GitHub and StackOverflow.




Work experience


Frontend developer, October 2014 — current time

Creating and supporting AngularJS applications.


User interface developer, April 2013 — October 2014

Worked on promo pages, mostly on yandex browser promo page http://browser.yandex.ru/. Worked in full stack: I code client side html+css+js, and write backend business logic on NodeJS. Worked on marketing campaigns and AB-testing. Technology stack: NodeJS, Express, BEM, bh, priv.js, i-bem.

Volunteering for FBK

Full stack developer, April 2014 – May 2014

FBK Russia's largest anti-corruption fund. In the short time I have developed an anonymous online tool to safely send any data that would assist in the investigation of the fund.

Digital Property LLC

Frontend developer August 2011 — April 2013

Worked on company's own project, builded some sites from the ground. At this stage of my carreer I understand requirement to use any CSS methodology, and implement some way OOCSS in the workflow.


HTML Code, Mostly 2009-2011

Some time I worked as freelancer.

My own projects: